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Welcome to the Cisco Specialization Bootcamp Portal for Partners

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Why get Cisco Specialized?

  • Gain access to discounts, rabates, and rewardes so that you can offer competitive pricing. Use incentives and promotions to help you win business and boost your bottom line.

  • Get recognized in Cisco Partner Locator.

  • Endorse your credibility by earning the Select Certification.

  • Promote your capabilities by attaining Cisco Specialization.

  • Accelerate your sales with expert training.

How do I?

  • Nominate a Sales person plus a Technical person associated with your company
  • Arrange for them to attend Bootcamp Training
  • Ensure they pass the required exams
  • Complete your Specialization Application with Cisco

What do I need to do?

  • Register for one of the Cisco Specialization Bootcamps 

Our Bootcamps are designed to make your life easier by:

Reducing time out of the office through condensed training time

Exam vouchers provided to make administration easier