Get Security Express Specialized!

Security Express Specialization Bootcamp Overview

We have made becoming Cisco Security Express Specialized easy through our condensed training program. This bootcamp package includes everything you need to pass the exams and enjoy OIP discounts, VIP rebates and Cisco SELECT Certification status.

Bootcamp Package Components:

  • Condensed Training to minimise your time out of the office

Security Express Specialization Requirements:

Account Manager Track:

  • Half Day WebEx - Express Security for Account Managers (ESAM)
  • 1 Day - Introduction to Cisco Sales (ICS)

Engineer Track:

  • 1 Day - Security Architecture for Systems Engineer (SASE) 

Ordering Instructions:

  • Add all 3 classes below to your Shopping Cart and check-out with a credit card
  • You will be asked to allocate the training to the two different delegates attending

Please Note you need two different people's names & email addresses to check out -> 1 x Sales + 1 x Technical