Introduction to Cisco Sales

Vendor: Cisco
Course Code: ICS-ESS
Course Outline

Welcome to the Introduction to Cisco Sales training. This class will
help you understand Cisco’s vision, what Cisco sells, its channel routes
to market and Cisco ONE, a new way to sell. It covers in some detail
the general concepts of business outcome led selling and Cisco’s
approach to it, how to sell in the technology cycle, customer value
proposition and the value chain and stakeholder management.

the architecture and solutions side you will learn about Cisco’s
Enterprise and Digital Network Architecture (DNA) which includes but is
not limited to Routing, Switching, Wireless and Mobility and
Digitization. We will also discuss Cisco’s Security architecture
covering Cisco’s approach to Security, The threat centric security
model, network security, visibility, enforcement, management and more.
We talk about Cisco Data Center and Cloud architectures including
Cisco’s Unified Data Center, Unified Fabric, Converged Infrastructures,
Cloud and Multi-Cloud.

will also learn about Cisco’s Collaboration solutions around its
Architecture, platform, end points, Spark solutions, Conferencing and
On-prem, Cloud and Hyrbid Cloud.

will become Introduction to Cisco Sales certified if you pass the
required exam. Further, this class is part of Cisco’s Continuous
Learning earning you valuable points towards your specializations.

get the most out of this training it is best if you think about the
architecture/solution definition, business benefits for the customer
coming from the technology value which is created by product features.

Course Topics

Cisco Certification

  • A Brief History of Cisco
  • Cisco’s Vision
  • What Cisco Sells
  • Cisco’s Architectures
  • Cisco’s Channel Routes to Market
  • Partner Incentives and Promotions
  • Cisco ONE – A new way to Sell

Cisco’s Approach to Selling

  • General Concepts of Outcome Based Selling
  • Cisco’s Approach to Business Outcomes Sales
  • Business Outcomes Sales Role
  • Customer Value Proposition and Value Chain
  • Identifying Customer Business Requirements
  • Identifying Routes to Market with BMC
  • Business Outcomes Across the Technology Cycle
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Presenting the Business Outcomes Story

Selling Cisco’s Enterprise and Digital Network Architecture

  • The Enterprise Network Architecture
  • Infrastructure
  • Routing and Switching
  • Wireless (CUWN)
  • Software Defined Access
  • Digitisation and DNA
  • The 4 Pillars of DNA
  • The Design Principles of DNA
  • Network-enabled Applications
  • Solutions Underpinning DNA (SD-Access. SD-WAN, Wireless-Assurance)
  • Management Price and DNAC

Selling Security Solutions

  • Cisco’s Approach to Security
  • The Threat-Centric Security Model
  • Technologies Covering the Attack Continuum
  • Network Security
  • Firepower NGFW
  • Meraki MX
  • NFV ENCS Virtualized Branch
  • NVE TrustSec, ISE, Stealthwatch
  • Visibility and Enforcement
    • ISE
    • Stealthwatch
    • TrustSec
    • Advanced Threat
    • AMP for Endpoint
    • ThreatGrid
    • Cloud, Web and Email
    • Umbrella
    • Cloudlock
    • ESA
    • WSA
  • Cisco Talos

Selling Cisco’s DC and Cloud Architecture

  • The Unified Data Centre
  • Unified Computing
  • Unified Fabric
  • Unified Management
  • Converged Infrastructures
  • Hyperconvergence and HyperFlex
  • Cisco’s DC & Cloud Architecture and Strategy
  • Cisco’s Cloud Strategy
  • Cisco Multi-Cloud
  • Cisco Cloud Centreskype
  • Automation
  • Analytics

Selling Collaboration Solutions

  • Cisco’s Collaboration Architecture
  • Cisco’s UC Platforms
  • BE6k, BE7k, UCM and Spark
  • Collaboration Endpoints
  • DX, MX, IX, Phones and Spark Solutions
  • Customer Care Solutions
  • Conferencing Solutions
  • On-Prem and Cloud Solutions
  • Cloud and Hybrid Collaboration
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On Demand Training

This course is available as an onsite, closed course and can be delivered at your premises. This may be a cost effective option where you have a group of delegates who require the same training. Additionally, it has the benefit that course content can be tailored to the needs of your organisation.

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